Blues Brothers

‘We’re on a mission from God….’

As far back as I can remember, The Blues Brothers has been one of my all-time favourite films.  Fantastic soundtrack, wonderful characters, ludicrous car chases and little comedy moments that make me giggle for days, even though I’ve seen it a million times.  When FooFoo LaBelle planned a 1980s themed show for Burlesque Cardiff in 2011, myself and Betty Blues Eyes thought this would be a great opportunity to pay tribute to the much-loved Blues Brothers.  It was great fun, and one of the most memorable shows I’ve been part of in Cardiff.  It was also the show I performed my one-off ‘Back to the Future’ act, complete with skateboard and a cardboard Delorean!

Fast-forward four years… we live two hours apart, both have busy show schedules and very rarely get the chance to appear together on the same bill. Not many people know about our duet as we considered it to be a one-off, but then the lovely Kitty Ribbons invites us to perform it at her wonderful Cherries on a Cloud show in Gloucester – hooray!  We had a fantastic reaction from the audience and was SO much fun to perform! Hard to believe that due to various circumstances and apart from about an hour’s practice beforehand, we hadn’t rehearsed it together since that show in 2011! However, we are so proud of our performance and thoroughly enjoyed it!

We are now looking at improving the choreography – after all, so much time has passed and we have developed a great deal as performers- and will be open to bookings for this act from now on!

Here’s a video of the performance, enjoy!