Devils in High Heel, Bruxelles

In September 2016, I travelled to Brussels to perform at the Devils in High Heels Bruxelles Burlesque Festival. After a lovely scenic journey by Eurostar, I explored the city I’d never previously visited, in the unusually hot weather. Here’s a few of the sights I saw…..

My favourite place I came across was Theatre Royale de Toone, which is a bar that’s also a puppet show theatre, complete with fascinating puppets and posters from shows from years gone by, and a grouchy cat! I finished off the long day watching the first night’s show of the festival at the Petit Théâtre Mercelis and saw some fantastic performers from around the world. Seeing other performers onstage, particularly from other countries is always a major appeal of festivals to me.

Saturday morning, I was up early to take part in a music video shoot, which was recorded over the weekend with most of the performers. This beautiful video can be seen here.


In the evening, I performed my ‘Tiki Swing’ act, on the stage which had been transformed with tiki-themed decor and props. I’d worked hard on this act beforehand and was excited to try it out in its current form. I had re-choreographed it several times and gradually added to the costume…. more humour, more butt, more flowers, more hair, more bling, more everything! This night of the festival was a competition, and I was so surprised and chuffed to hear I’d won the title of ‘Best Classic Act’, although I didn’t realise at first as I didn’t understand French!

The amazingly charismatic Gigi Praline from Finland won the ‘Devil Queen’ title, and Jenna Beth from Florida won ‘Best Costume’ (and WOW what a costume it was!). All the performers were awesome and supportive, I must mention Ivoncita, Dixie Feathers, Sirode, Alekseï Von Wosylius and Molly Moonstone who I loved meeting and seeing perform. There was a fantastic atmosphere backstage and the audience were wonderful! Post-show, most of the performers drank wine and chatted in the garden of the hotel until about 5am…. eek!  A late night finish to a brilliant weekend!